Designer apparel and accessories for the discerning freethinker.

Just because our fraternity, ideals, and principles are ancient, doesn't mean our style choices need to be.

We created order 1717 for one reason:

To bring you the highest quality, well designed clothing, accessories and jewelry collection our fraternity has seen in ages.

Order 1717 is a high-end freethinker brand DESIGNING ancient & HONORABLE ideals, principles and wisdom.

Order 1717 was founded to provide Freethinkers the quality in clothing, accessories and jewelry they deserve. Sharing the same frustration with others regarding the lack of quality and originality, the outsourcing of products, and outright exploitation of the Craft, we sought out the best materials, purchased the best machinery and equipment, and partnered with the best manufacturers to bring you the finest collection we can offer.

The “1717” in Order 1717 may be said by some to be a nod to the formation of the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster, but we at Order 1717 lay aside the contention that comes along with that year, since we look upon it as a significant Landmark in the Craft’s history and no other claim. Moreover, 1717 has other significations and when paired with “Order” brings further meaning.